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(Royals and Alphas, book 8)

Goal: Topple a powerful man.

Reality: He lands on top of you.

Nyx was supposed to bring down the strongest Royal feline on the Shifter Council. Not fall in love with Anton Alexander. But living in the same house with the intriguing, aloof shifter male changes everything. Except the plans she set in motion can’t be as easily altered as her heart.

Never date your employee. The simple rule should’ve saved Anton from falling under Nyx’s spell. But Nyx isn’t just a secretary. She's his everything. But he never expected his true mate would try to implicate him in a crime. And when the real murderer comes after both of them, Anton has no choice but to embrace his primal side.

Hunt or be hunted. And a Royal never loses.

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"I loved the thriller/mystery components Dana weaved into the story line." Amazon Review, 5 stars (Read full review)

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The door at the bottom of the stairwell opened. Nyx sucked in a sharp breath and pressed her palm to the base of her throat. “Anton. What are you doing down here?”

He stopped on the landing above Nyx. A thin white top clung to her full breasts. While the material covered her chest, the shirt did little to hide her curves. He focused on the outlines of her breasts for a moment before sweeping his gaze lower.

Loose black shorts covered her bottom. Nyx looked tiny dressed this way. Delicate. Her thin but shapely legs would hook nicely around his waist. The heels of her small feet pressing into his backside would feel heavenly too.

“Do you need something from me?”

Nyx’s breathless voice yanked his gaze to her face. She’d pulled her long black hair into a sloppy, loose ponytail. A single tug on the band holding her hair in place would unravel it, sending the shiny strands cascading around her shoulders. While she’d looked tempting with her hair loose, this style drew his attention to her smooth neck and shoulders. A savage bite would look beautiful there.

The throbbing in his jaw matched the awareness settling in his groin. Even without the influence of his cats, the evidence was undeniable. This female had triggered his primal side. His baser half wanted to answer the lure of her provocative scent, claiming her—mating her—before anyone else could.

Why her?

“Anton?” Nyx swallowed hard. She fisted the front of her shirt, pulling the material tighter over her full breasts. “Is there a problem?”

“Yes.” He cleared his throat. “You need to leave.”

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