Devin by Dana Archer book cover

Devin (Shifter World: Royals and Alphas, book 2)

The shifter who bites you...

Keeps you?

Lena Burnett will do anything for her family, even turn herself into bait to lure an enemy pride away from her shifter stepsister. Getting captured, then being separated from her sisters isn't part of her plan. Neither is falling in love with her sexy savior. But Devin is wickedly irresistible. He promises to rescue her family too. Before it’s too late…

Devin Moore, a Royal from the Alexander pride, is a breath away from turning feral. Only a true mate’s healing touch can save him. But he never expected his brave human female would wade into a shifter war for him.

And for Lena, he'll do anything: Rescue her loved ones. Heal her heart. Earn her love. Claim her soul. Fight for her with his last breath.

The alternative is death—his. Crazed shifters aren't safe around humans. And without Lena, he's nothing more than an animal.

This book is the closed-door version of Beautiful Mistake by Nancy Corrigan. If you prefer open-door romance, then Nancy Corrigan’s version is for you.

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  • "Everything ties together perfectly." Amazon Review, 5 stars (Read full review)

  • "I have read the untame version and was curious as to how I would like this. The story line is still there and works quite well." Amazon Review, 5 stars (Read full review)

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Devin Moore peered through the windshield at the sprawling mansion. He took in the small pond, the English garden with its ornate fountain, and the hedge maze. Butterflies fluttered above the bushes. A frog hopped from a lily pad into the water. And a squirrel ran down the side of a tree.

There were no standoffs. No fighting lions. No gun-toting agents. No people whatsoever. For the scene of a shifter trafficking deal, the property was essentially deserted. Only the fancy red sports car parked near the front door offered any indication that the large home was occupied.

“Are you sure this is the place?” Devin asked.

Kade, his pride leader, caught his gaze in the rearview mirror. “I put the address Shifter Affairs gave us into my phone’s GPS. I’m sure.”

Six hours ago, Shifter Affairs, the small unit of the government dedicated to shifter-related issues, contacted their pride with an update on Molly, their missing lion cub. The agent working her case had not only found their preschooler but was in the process of organizing a retrieval. Time was of the essence. He’d discovered Molly was set to be sold to a lion shifter pride.

The older human had broken protocol by contacting the Alexander pride directly. Devin, along with his pride members, were liaisons to the department, not full-fledged agents. They did recon, followed up on low probability leads and helped rehabilitate recovered shifters. As civilians, they weren’t supposed to be exposed to any dangerous situations.

Devin didn’t care if his life was endangered. He’d wade into a gunfight, a fire, anything, if it meant saving a kid, but the closer they got to the quiet house, the stronger his unease grew. The three predators who shared his body—tiger, lion, and jaguar—matched his wariness.

They were walking into a trap.

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Product Information:

  • ISBN = 9781946672360

  • Publisher = Cherokee House Publishing

  • Author = Dana Archer (closed-door pen name of Nancy Corrigan)

  • Genre = Paranormal Suspense Romance (Fiction)