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(Royals and Alphas, book 6)

Never tell a shifter to choose between...

two mates.

Hannah Kagan has her sites set on the top female position of a rival pack. And she's picked out the male who'll lead at her side: the charismatic and mysterious Ethan Jager. Tempting Ethan to mate her is supposed to be the easy part.

Discovering your true mate plans on seducing the man who has been secretly sharing your bed for years should be upsetting. But Noah sees an opportunity. A wickedly powerful shot at heaven on earth.

With his pack in shambles, Ethan has one last chance to claim his destiny as pack leader. And unorthodox relationships don't fit the mold. But his enemies have made this pack war personal. And Ethan is done playing by the rules.

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The car door closed, and Hannah straightened her shoulders. The male stepped around the hood. Then stopped. Her gaze locked on to his wide chest first. She skimmed her visual perusal lower, maybe not the appropriate way to greet a new shifter, but she couldn’t help it. The black T-shirt he wore clung to every hard, defined muscle. The cloth tucked into loose jeans, a working man’s choice, not the tight fit humans sometimes favored. No matter the style, his narrow hips and thick thighs were clear.

A shiver ran down her spine. She bit the inside of her cheek to stop any wanton sound from escaping. The growing bulge in his pants didn’t help. She dragged in a slow, steadying breath.

“Are you done imagining what I would look like naked, or do you want me to stand here longer?” His rough voice zinged through her, setting her on edge. Not in a bad way. Awareness settled low. She ignored the instant arousal and yanked her gaze to his face. Green eyes framed by dark lashes snared her attention.

She inhaled sharply. Never before had she seen a shifter with green eyes. The rare gene offered power, just as the combination of her black hair and blue eyes gifted her with strength.

Hannah let her gaze map his face as she had his body. Dark blond hair set off the deep emerald color of his eyes and framed a harsh face, but his shaggy locks softened his features. She doubted he’d styled it on purpose for the effect. The uneven ends gave the impression he’d hacked it off with scissors and didn’t care if it looked nice or not.

The shadow of his beard added to the image of indifference. The uneven growth covered his cheeks, chin, and neck. Her fingertips itched to touch his jaw and see if the stubble had reached the point of softness or if it would tickle her skin and make her squirm. She curled her fingers and fought to contain her runaway thoughts. They weren’t appropriate, especially after being in Ethan’s arms. She swore she could still smell him on her skin.

The Tanner wolf chuckled, breaking the trance he’d cast over her. She tore her attention from the cleft in his chin to his eyes.

“Hello, little Hannah Kagan. What brings you to this pathetic town?”

She took a step forward, anger replacing the lust. “Don’t ever call me little.”

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