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(Agents of Shifter Affairs, book 2)

A waitress and an assassin with a bounty on his head…

A match made in heaven?

It was supposed to be a simple favor. Instead of helping out the sexy, aloof bouncer at my bar, I’ve narrowly escaped death at the hands of a murdering shifter and inadvertently rescued Ilan’s nephew in the process.

The things a woman has to do to get a guy’s attention these days…

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“Baby?” I hear the question in my voice. It angers me. I saw the car seat spin. Heard the baby’s whimper. Witnessed Sara’s protective actions. Yet, the moment I got my hands on Sara, I forgot about the other innocent in my presence.

“Yes, the baby.” Sara shakes off my hold and rushes back to the car. She tugs the blanket back, then inhales sharply. With a hand over her mouth, she steps back. “His eyes… Oh God, Ilan. His eyes.”

The anxiety radiating from her draws me to her side. “What’s wrong with—”

My words get stuck in my throat. The aura surrounding the newborn tells me everything I need to know, but my shifter nature denies it. There’s no scent linking this child to my pack. It smells like a human baby, not a Royal shifter or a descendent of the powerful Kane goddess. I get no sense of the wolves it carries either, though I know it must have three—white, black, and gray—just like I carry within my soul.

“He has your eyes, Ilan.” Sara’s fingertips skim over my cheek. “Orange, just like yours.”

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