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(Agents of Shifter Affairs, book 4)

He thinks we’re destined to be together.

I think he’s crazy...

Or maybe that's me.

Everyone is hiding a secret. Mine just happens to want my soul. But I'm more interested in keeping the man who killed my family behind bars.

And convincing the charismatic leader of the Alexander Pride that I'm not his true mate.

But Kade isn't letting me go. All his talk of love and destiny and eternity is making me believe him too.

There's just that little issue of mine. And loving Kade means exposing him to my hell.

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  • "If you like shifters and Magic and love and mystery and drama........ just start reading." Amazon Review, 5 stars (Read full review)

  • "❤️ loved 🥰 this set of books..." Amazon Review, 5 stars (Read full review)

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“How did you get in here?” She spits the demand. It’s not a question. I feel the force of her will—and the bite of her anger—along my skin.

The instinct to top Zoe’s attitude with a commanding one of my own is nearly overwhelming. My yearning for Zoe—her voice, her touch, her scent—stays the compulsion to impose my dominance. This time. “A spare key. You don’t really think I only had one key to my prized car, do you?”

Her feminine growl of frustration vibrates against my palm. “In the car. How did you get in the car tonight? I was only in that store for five minutes top.”

“Five minutes was plenty to unlock the car and hide under the blanket you conveniently left in the backseat.”

“But how did you know I was there? Do you have cameras installed along the highway or something?”

This time, curiosity blends into her tone. I can’t help but tell her the truth. That’s the other side effect of my scent twined with Zoe’s. Her needs become my goals. This feeling she stirs is too close to what a male feels for his mate. It messes with my mind, making me assume things that aren’t necessarily true. I don’t know what to make of these thoughts.

The soft glide of her skin under my thumb soothes the confusion and lets me give Zoe the answer she needs. “You’ve been tailed since you left Charleston. I caught up to you a few miles back. All I needed was for you to stop.”

“Charleston. I pulled in for gas and—”

“And the ’Cuda caught the attention of a friend of the pride. He kindly followed you, then distracted you while I settled into my hiding place.”


“The oldest Royal assassin walking this earth.”

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