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(Royals and Alphas, book 7)

Best friends share everything...

But can they share a true mate?

Gwen Burnett is being hunted. Winner takes all. And the enthralling shifter who catches her and the charismatic male who rescues her want to claim their prize—her—for eternity.

Vlad, a Royal shifter from the Winchester pack, should’ve claimed his true mate the day he met her. But persuading his best friend and the innocent human they’ve pursued for months to share everything will make his victory so much sweeter.

As leader of the Winchester pack, Xander gets what he wants. No matter what he has to do to claim his prize. Or who he has to share Gwen with. And nobody will take his possessions away. Not his pack mates questioning his nontraditional relationship. Not the enemy looking to steal Gwen back. Not even the witches and shamans hunting them all. A wolf will fight until his dying breath to protect his pack…and his true mates.

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“It’s you.”

The scarf wrapped around Gwen’s mouth muffled the words, but the shock in her voice was clear. She knew him. How? Humans weren’t supposed to remember their past lives. He’d specially sought out that knowledge from the elders of his species, the ones who were old enough to remember the time when the gods and goddesses interacted with the mortal world. Xander had taken comfort in knowing future incarnations of his true mate wouldn’t recall how he’d allowed her to die. Twice.

“Have we met?” If they had, she never would’ve gotten herself kidnapped. After Tabitha, the last human female who housed his true mate’s soul, perished, he promised himself he’d never allow his female to suffer. He wasn’t quite sure how he was supposed to accomplish that without tainting Gwen’s life with his presence, but he’d figure out a way, even if he had to lurk in the shadows, watching over her, for the rest of her life.

She tugged the gray scarf down, exposing the face he’d only seen in photographs. None of those pictures had done her justice. She was beautiful. An angel. Too good for him. He greedily let his gaze drink in her sweetness anyway, then met her chocolate-colored eyes.

“Not officially, but I’ve seen you before. You were hunting me. In Delaware.” She licked her lips, then glanced at the ground. “Do you remember?”

As if he’d forget. The memory of that day on the waterfront when he’d been searching for her and Molly haunted him still. A sensation of peace had settled over him, chasing away the aggression he usually encountered around humans. Those few seconds of peace were the reason he’d all but abandoned his pack in his search of Gwen. He’d known what they meant. Twice before, he’d experienced the phenomenon. Each time had been in the presence of his true mate, the two human females he’d damned by touching them.

“Really?” He swept his gaze over her. The parka hid her body, and none of the photos he had of Gwen revealed much. She didn’t like getting her picture taken. From what he’d learned of Gwen, she was as shy as she’d been in previous lifetimes. “I would’ve remembered seeing you.”

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