Closed-door Romance FAQS

What is a closed-door romance? A book that does NOT include graphic, descriptive sex scenes. Instead, the story shows non-graphic (eg. kisses, embracing, etc.) and emotional descriptions. Also, no vulgar or crude terms are used for body parts and there is no "dirty talk."

What the age ranges for closed-door romance? While all readers have different levels of personal comfort towards love, closed-door romance is generally acceptable for teens to adults.

Is closed door romance limited to traditional male-female couples? No, closed-door romance refers to how sex scenes are protrayed on the page for the reader and not on the number or identity of the characters in love.

So, I don't have to be ashamed to read closed-door romance? No, you never have to be ashamed to read any romance whether it's open-door (Mainstream), closed-door, or erotic.

What are the differences between open-door (Mainstream), erotic, or erotica? Open-door romance (also referred to as Mainstream which is similar to what you'd see on cable/streaming TV) contain graphic, descriptive sex scenes as an enhancement to the story. Erotic romance, on the otherhand, relies heavily on sex scenes to tell or advance the romance and/or story arcs. Erotica, however, is NOT considered romance as there is no guarantee of a happily ever after and there is generally no plot (story arc) beyond the sex scenes.