Closed-door Shifter World

The Shifter World is a renowned, critically acclaimed and ever-expanding collection of CLOSED-DOOR paranormal suspense romance book series by author Dana Archer (closed-door pen name of Nancy Corrigan).



  • Guaranteed happily ever after

  • The bedroom door is always CLOSED

  • Loving, loyal, and confident men

  • Strong, dedicated, and smart women

  • Unbreakable family ties between brothers, sisters, pride, clan and pack mates

  • Danger, action, adventure, and spine-tingling suspense

  • Page-turning thrilling story that will leave you reading late into the night

  • Fairy tale, kisses only romance to swoon over

  • Otherworld creatures from Norse and Gaelic Mythology

  • Chronicles of everlasting love to get lost in

  • Paranormal romance series to put on your one-click wish list

  • Mystery and supernatural thriller storyline

  • No harsh language

IMPORTANT: If you prefer open-door romance, please check out the Mainstream Fiction versions of the Shifter World books written under the pen name of Nancy Corrigan.